DIY lace painted drawers

This weekend was so sunny that it was a pleasure to work in the garden, but since I’ve cut my olive tree it’s not much gardening work to do around there. So I decided to spend day painting as I had few ideas how to customise some of my furniture. I wanted it to complement the room, to be less bulky and to speak for me.

I love lace (and who doesn’t?) So my choice was quiet evident: I used some lace to make a pattern and spray paint to add colour I’d love. I really like how it matches the lamps on bedside tables! But you can choose less contrasting colours for more delicate effect.

Here is a bit of process and the result. And I added a quick all-in-one-pic version of this post in the end.







For those of you who want to save this idea shortly in blogs or on Pinterest I made a brief one-pic version. Hope you like it.


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