Hello, my name is Irina. I am a passionate baker, a founder of Cupcakes&Blooms home bakery, a mom of two best-in-the-whole-world kids, dreamer and maker.

I LOVE all things handmade and can spend hours crafting something myself. Kniting, drawing, sewing or felting. But my favourite is baking, of course. (Is baking to be considered a craft yet?) So there is a lot recipes of sweet baked goodies here.

One of my priorities is comfort and coziness. I try to make it no matter, where life puts my family, whether we’re relocating, travelling or being guests. Coziness is full of baked cookies, warm throws, soft cushions, flowers in vases. Coziness is family, gathered around a beautifully set table. It is all the little things keeping memories and handcrafted cuties.

Coziness takes a very special place in this blog. Find your inspiration in recipes, setting table ideas, DIY projects, food photography, home accessories and shops where I buy those accessories and photo props.

Most of these shops will be in London, ’cause its where I live. And it is the most eclectic, vivid and unpredictable city on the planet! Only when we moved here I understood how many things I missed – just couldn’t see – walking streets as tourist. So I decided to help those of you who plan travelling to London and write about places and events (well, not the ones you’ll find in each guide), about Londoners and how special they are.

I’m glad you stopped by. Welcome, make yourself at home.

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