Felted shawl “Wind catchers”

Sea and wind are a very special theme for me. Just like trees and birds. These are motifs I choose most frequently in clothes, home furnishing and accessories, I use them for doodling, drawing and felting too. I would certainly bring them together into my life as soon as I had a chance. If I could point any place on our planet where to live, I’d seek for one where sea meets forest. I’d build my house the way it could face seashore on the frontyard and the trees on the backyard, so I could choose between looking at waves and listening to splash tangled with gulls squawk and viewing green shadows, foxes and birds sneaking around.

I just wanted to say that “Wind catchers” is a very special piece of work for me. It is about freedom, about sea salt in every breath, about inspiration. It’s like in childhood, when you could run along the shore, barefoot, holding something above your head, a sock or a plastic bag probably, and no thouts troubled the mind, you were all in the moment, feeling it, enjoying it…

It’s a pitty you can’t catch that air that moment in your sock or plastic bag and take it from childhood to your maturity… Well, two many thoughts about one piece of felt, right? No more words, just some pics.


It may be not that evident but the shawl is fish-shaped, with a big open mouth, small tail and a layered silk caudal fin.


Both girls and boys hair are made of tangled silk threads. I came up with this idea when once my cat stole a spool and played around the house, so when I came home I saw mishmash of threads. It was no chance to untangle it so I gathered all curls and ringlets and thought it would be nice to use those green threads to draw a tree crown. So soon I made a scarf “Flying in reality”. You can see it here if you want.



pelachayka05As usual my materials were the best ever fine Italian merino wool, Kauni rove, some silk threads, Margelan silk, cotton batist, shifon.

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