DIY inspiration board & table organizer

It’s very comfortable to have an organizer and inspiration board on your desk to keep near things you don’t want to forget or to look at things that inspire you. When I’m working over a new line of scarfs I like to organize scraps of materials, sketches, inspiring images in one place. This board is always eager to throw you a couple of fresh ideas still keeping you in the chosen direction.

It also can be used for many different tasks: to organize bills, to keep school letters, to pin menu or to exchange notes with your family.


The other benefit of such board is that it takes only 15 minutes to make it!

You’ll need:

–       picture frame (in your own size, glass taken away)

–       a piece of sintepon (the same size as the frame)

–       a piece of fabric (slightly bigger than the frame)

–       some felt (optional)

–       scotch tape

–       scissors

–       thread

–       sewing mashine or a needle and a pair of skillful hands


Put the background part of the frame on the table, right side up, cover with sintepon and fabric wrong side up: we’ll make marks first.


At the bottom of the frame make a generous fold to form a pocket.


Then mark 1-2 cm from the edge of frame, outline the rectangle and cut.


On the fold mark the size of the pockets you want. I made three 10×14 cm pockets.


If you wish, you can use a list of felt to strengthen the pockets. Just fold it in.



Put the fabric detail onto the sintepon and board “sandwich” right side up. Turn the “sandwich” upside down.


Fold edges of fabric onto the board, fix with scotch tape.


Attach the board to the frame.


Put the board on your desk or attach to the wall, arrange your pics and scraps on it and – enjoy!



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