September plans…

Is it a natioonal or international disease: syndrome of the September 1st? One half of your year  plans you begin on New Year’s Eve, the other is left for the 1st of September. I wonder if this ends somewhere. I mean I thought it will end when I graduate from school, then – when I graduate from uni, now I think it might end when my kids graduate from school. But have some doubts.

In September I feel myself a pupil. Excitement and worries if everything is ready, done and prepared… September is a new round of life, new round in work, family, plans and self-educating. Maybe that’s a result of holidays rebooting or stepping aside and looking on your life from some distance. Or maybe that’s just because my birthday is in summer and I just literary become older and wiser. No matter what the reason is when the wheel is spinning and you run in it.

Millions of plans are waiting for me. Huge projects and small one-day events. The cycle of life :)).


So, what we have:

– Begining with September I start taking a course at Marina Giller’s Let’s Blog! School. Hope for inspiration, new ideas and new friends.

– In September we (me and my husband) are launching our home bakery, the site and all it’s media. Now I prepare texts, pics and gather the reviews. And check-check-check out if everything is done properly. I even scheduled our opening day. 21 of September. A very important day in my life. It’s a birth day of some loved and significant people in my life.

– It’s also going to be my friend’s wedding. It doesn’t look like a big plan, I know. But it is a trip to another British city, we haven’t been to. It is an experience of a wedding feast in another culture. And I don’t speak of dresses, shoes and haircuts for girls and suits, shoes and haircuts for boys…

– My blog and Instagram are going to explode with new baked goodies as I am going to be the nearest friend of baking now. On the course in Brentside High School I’ll learn how to decorate cakes and other sweet treats.

– On the 13th of September Russian Mums in UK organize a MommyMarket in Marylebone. We are taking there our little felted friends, cupcakes and a workshop for kids.

– The most exciting event of this month is going to be a Tasting Party, a “Grand opening” of my Cupcakes and Blooms. This firework will burst my September. Guests will try cupcakes we created together with July and August. Kids will paint their own nearly-real bakery shop where they will sell absolutely-real cupcakes they made on their own. And then guests will tick the boxes on some very special cards and we’ll chose the King of Cupcakes (my son created this name %))). And even more… but it’s a surprise, and I’m not going to spoil it.


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