Cinnabons. The legendary yums

I decided to post all my #chefs_battle recipes from Instagram to the blog. The last task in “Home baking” category was to make cinnabons.

When I was reading about what’s special about these cinnamon rolls, I found out we are actually the same age with cinnabons. They were invented in 1985 near Seattle by Ray Lindstrom and Jerilyn Brusseau. Their aim was to create the ideal cinnamon roll. So the original recipe is still a secret, but there are some facts about the rolls we know for sure. To make cinnabons strong flour is used. That means it contains more gluten in it which makes the dough elastic and porous. So I’ll start this recipe with how to make your own gluten.



2 tbsp  flour
2 tbsp water

Knead a lump of strong dough and rinse it under cold water till the white starchy substance is washed out and all that’s left is a yellowish mix very similar to a chewing gum.


240 g milk
2 tsp dry east
3 tbsp sugar
2 tsp salt
45 g butter
2 eggs
500 g flour (450g+50g нfor dusting)
Warm milk to 35-40°С, stir in east, sugar and salt. You can also add a tbsp of flour from the needed amount. Leave in warm place for 15 minutes till some bubbles form on the milk. While east are coming, make gluten, sift flour, in a separate bowl mix eggs and butter. Add east mixture to  eggs and butter, add gluten and fold 450 g of flour in. Knead elastic dough. It’s okay that it is sticky, just continue kneading it. Put dough onto a dusted surface and knead about 7 minutes, dusting with  50 g flour left. Put the dough in a clean bowl, cover with cloth and leave in a warm place for 1,5 hour or in a cool place for a night (if you want cinnabons for breakfast).
100 g butter very soft
10 tbsp sugar
Cinnamon to your taste (a lot)
75 g roasted pecans (crush with rolling pin or cut).
Roll the dough to rectangular shape about 0,5-0,8 cm thin. Spread warmed butter, sprinkle generously with sugar, cinnamon and pecans. Try to spread the filling evenly. Make a tight roll. If it looks short, just lengthen it with your hands. Cut into 12 pieces. Line the tin with baking paper, put the rolls into tin and leave for 15-20 minutes till they widen. Bake for 30-40 minutes at 180°С.
150 g sugar
50 g water
Heat water and sugar in a small pan until fully dissolved. Pour on top of each roll, while they are hot.
120 g Philadelphia cheese
50 g light brown Muscovado sugar
4 tbsp maple syrup
100 ml single cream
Beat cheese and sugar together until smooth, add cream and maple syrup, whisk well.  It’s my most favourite sauce ever. If you skip cream, you’ll get a super tasty filling for a cake.


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