Christmas Eve table

Celebration is the anticipation of celebration. I was told that when I was a little girl, and every year I discover new meaning in this phrase and find new proofs to it. Celebration is the awaiting of celebration. It is the preparing, the invites you sign, the cards you send to your friends, it is choosing gifts and menu, working over decoration – all that makes your heart leap, smile cross your face and improves your mood. Every year I feel it more and more clearly that anticipation is a part of celebration and feel joy just preparing to celebrate. And every year I begin to prepare a little earlier than last year ’cause it prolongs the festive feeling.Now when Halloween is not yet here, I check Christmas catalogues and look through the photos of previous years celebrating. And I just thought it might be interesting to you to look at our last year Christmas table setting and borrow couple of ideas maybe.

These are two options we used. Both with burlap, wood, Christmas tree branches and cinnamon.

The first:









The second (with tangerines):






Мешочки из мешковины сшила сама, ёлочка из супермаркета M&S, салфетки Pottery Barn. в качестве center piece служила индейка, но в этом году мы пойдём другим путём.

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