Lavender Picnic in Hyde Park

Did you feel quiet inspired after the last post about autumn picnics? I did. So I decided to gather my friends and friends’ friends for a picnic. Me and my friend Elena opted with a Rustic French theme and made some simple but still very beautiful decorations. Also the picturesque autumn in Hyde park was our main decoration. There were thirteen families on the picnic, and it looks like we’ve made some nice family portraits for all of them.

I won’t  be talking much, because I’ve got a lot of pics to share with you. Will be happy to hear if you like it or not. And a little bit of useful info at the bottom of the post.



All pictures are taken by me unless other is indicated.


And I will also list some links to where you can by props for the picnic like that. Most of them lid to the actual things we used for our picnic. All pics below are clickable.

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0008   00070001








0006 0003








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