Apple and cinnamon marshmallow

Let’s say I’m not sure about if the word marshmallow really suits the recipe I want to give you today. In Russia we call it “zefir” and it is completely different from what you call “marshmallow” though the dictionary says it’s the same thing.


Anyway, this is the taste of my childhood. Taste of those sweet summer days when you’re seating in your granny’s garden, eating all the deserts granny made for you, and the only thing that disturbs you is the wasp, which loves sweet as much as you do.

This marshmallow is very flavoury, has a stiff structure and is not dry at all – it is very tender inside though has a thin sugary crust on the outside.

My flavour for today is classic apple, but with a pinch of autumn in it.


The ingredients are very simple and few, but the recipe demands some patience and attention.

You’ll need:

250 g apple purée (3-4 apples, peeled, cored and processed in blender)

250 g sugar

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 egg white


8 g agar flakes

160 ml water

400 g sugar

some icing sugar and cinnamon to dust the mallows.


First of all stir agar flakes in water and set aside. Warm apple purée in microwave a little and add 250 g sugar and ground cinnamon, mix, set aside to cool down completely. Meanwhile pour agar mixture into a medium saucepan, and cook over low heat until agar fully dissolves. Add 400 g sugar to make thick syrup. Heat it to 110 degrees C (about 5-6 minutes) and set aside to cool to about 80-82 degrees C.

While syrup is chilling, whisk an egg white into cooled apple purée by two parts. Whisk well and long till stiff peaks form. Then begin to slowly pour in the syrup, whisking constantly about 13-20 minutes till the mixture is thick and glossy as meringue, and till the stiff peaks form again.

Fill a large piping bag with the mixture and quickly pipe about 7 cm circles or 5 cm cones. Use baking paper or silicone shits, otherwise it will be hard to separate marshmallow from the table.

Leave marshmallows to set up at room temperature for 24 hours (yes. that is quiet long, but be patient do not put it into fridge it will pay out!) After 24 hours sift some icing sugar mixed with cinnamon on top of marshmallows. Carefully separate it from paper, merge bottoms of each two mallows and dust it with some more icing sugar. And they are ready to eat!




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